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HEALTH PRODUCTS/ for families and pets/ We serve the US and international communities with, medical supplies, pet care products, men and women health, natural cures, Pharmaceuticals, Airline tickets Auto

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HEALTH PRODUCTS for home care/including  Medical Equipments and Medical supplies, Medic alert and STD testing.;jsessionid=FC71A90BD23AD9ADDEB8D4DA7F2343F8?id=39442501&scale=-1&size=1407816911838    




Safety & Peace of Mind only $21.95/mo. Bay Alarm Medical

No Phone Line? No Problem! Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical - Medical Alert Services


CATEGORIES; Equipment Skin care, Equipment Medical supplies, Medical equipment, Diagnostics, Extenze 


SKIN care;   Varicose veins relief, Acne relief, Arthritis relief.

OSTOMY;   Colostomy bags, colostomy care kits, instructions.

CATHETER  care;  Catheter, catheter care kits, instructions.

MOBILITY;   Wheel chair, Wheel chair ramp, Scooter, Walker, Cane, Toilet, Toilet seat ext. Hand rails.

EQUIPMENT;  Stethoscope, Blood preasure monitor, Pulse Oximeter, Medic Alarm, Scale, STD testing.

DIABETES;   Insulin syringe, Lancet, Test strip, Glucose monitor.

Listed are only a few of the items carried. See above for all of the items. Instructions for use are included with each purchas.